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miniThrottle: A model railroad WiFi throttle.


Oh gosh! Where do I begin?!!

The pages here are various bit of waffle which I'd not expect anyone to take an interest in. This is simply my dumping ground for things that I tinker with in my spare time. But since in your charity you've decided to stop by, I beseech you gentle reader, do tarry a while.

Who/what is Enfield Cat? Enfield was my Maine-Coon cat (he's been dead several years now), but being born at around the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, he was named in honour of the Lee Enfield. He was still alive when I created my github account, and so the name has just stuck. And so when using github to access these projects you will encounter his name.

So what bits of geeky randomness are here?

HydraFerret When I started playing with Arduino's I found they could gather lots of interesting information, but consoldating the gathered data did not appear to be a happening thing. So the idea here is you could have some "plug and play" of devices and they'd just return their finding to a portal (xymon). While the project mostly works, it was my learning scratchpad for learning how to code multithreaded programs on Arduinos. In practice I've had HydraFerret modules running for hundreds of days.
Arduino Here are my notes for running the Arduino environment, both graphical and command line.
xymon This is a collection of some xymon ext scripts for gathering iostat, SNMP, Varnish and vmware stats.
webserver A few notes on setting up webservers and Linux
Model Trains Model train things.
  • miniThrottle A WiFi or serially connected model train throttle for DCC controlled trains using either wiThrottle or DCC-Ex communication. It can also act as a control station if configured as a relay and connected to a DCC-Ex controller. After build time it can be configured using either a serial console or web interface. In operation it can use either keypad and/or an encoder to control locomotives.
  • Calculator Can calculate scale linear measurements for several common scales using either metric or imperial input.

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